Transnational Computer Technology (TCT)


Transnational Computer Technology (TCT) is a leading provider of system integration and software development services leveraging the cutting-edge technologies of Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Sybase etc. TCT’s operations are primarily grouped into four strategic business units:

  • Customer Service Management Systems

  • Banking and Financial Service group

  • Government Services Group

  • Consulting Services Group

The company offers a full range of business and IT support which includes system development, project management, infrastructure management, network design and implementation, security, cloud computing and much more.

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Our Technology services


Customer Service Management Systems

TCT offer a range of customer service management systems for both large and small organisations. TCT's customer services software automates, records and analyses all interactions with customers, providing you with the tools you need to reduce your customer expenses and improve your organisation's profitability.

Banking and Financial Service group

We have been involved in the development, integration and implementation of industry-specific enterprise solutions for banks and financial services companies. The company's clients include banks, investment firms, brokerages, asset management companies, hedge funds and other financial institutions.

Government Services Group

We serve governments, central banks, financial institutions and large multinational companies. We offer a range of products for all customer needs in the market: data management solutions, strategic consulting, enterprise solutions, telecommunication solutions and more.

Consulting Services Group

We have developed a singular approach to deliver consulting services that enable its customers to achieve their goals and objectives.

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