System Integration

We provide a wide variety of services and solutions including consulting, system integration, systems maintenance, and more. Our specialized approach and flexible solutions will help you solve your most challenging business problems.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    TCT is a leading service provider of turnkey solutions that help organizations in their digital transformation to better serve their customers and make them more competitive. Our services help organizations quickly and reliably deploy the latest technologies at a pace that is manageable for their business.

  • Project Management

    We have a team of professionals with decades of experience in IT who can help you realize your goals. We know that technology is a complex field and we are capable of taking on any project, no matter the size or scope.

  • Integrated Billing Solutions

    We provide service capabilities like Integrated Billing Solutions, which offers a comprehensive solution for telecom operators to aggregate all its retail billing sources, generate consolidated invoices as well as a single monthly billing system

  • Communications Infrastructure

    We offer IT solutions for small and medium companies, as well as for large organizations. We also provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services for their communications infrastructure. We are a leading provider of international communications and infrastructure integration consulting services, as well as project management and installation.