Why Oracle Unified Method (OUM)?

OUM is Unique

OUM is a set of best practices and repeatable processes that are essential to the successful implementation of IT projects. It includes methods for risk management, progress tracking, and reducing project implementation costs. We specialize in taking on the most challenging of jobs to ensure IT implementation success.

Customer Program

Our scalable, robust and secure infrastructures are designed to help you succeed. We give our clients the tools they need to do their work better and faster by integrating technology into their business models. have a customer program that allows customers to obtain copies of the method for their internal use - including guidelines, templates and tailored work breakdown structure

We are Different

We are a world leader in Oracle consulting, international software development, and IT consulting. Our expertise spans over two decades with award winning implementations of Oracle technologies in more than 20 countries. TCT's success has been built on its core values: deep knowledge and expertise of Oracle Technologies, excellent customer service and strong global partnerships. We're the experts in Oracle and we can provide comprehensive, superior services throughout your entire experience with our company.